Our Intro

As in all things, there has to be a beginning, and with DESIGN, it usually is way before putting pen to paper, or brush-stroke to a canvas, or even an idea fully thought through, ready to be implemented.  Some may even argue that’s it’s genetic, and imbedded in our genes! So, for the sake of argument and lack of space herein, allow us to leap forward in time, officially and professionally!

Prospect Design International (PDI) opened its first interior design office in the South of France in Cannes back 1996.  Since then, and till today, PDI has and continues to build on a hard-earned reputation for the inspired & inspirational interplay of materials, textures and finishes in our portfolio of design solutions for restaurants, homes, retail, nightclubs, and beach clubs.

PDI established its second home in Dubai back in 2005. With presently two offices from across two continents, and a roster of local and international clients, the Team’s approach was and remains to this day unscathed and unwavering in the belief that if you assemble a group of dedicated interior architects together in a room, lock in that talent and throw away the key, what will emerge is a bunch of hungry creatives, and more importantly, something unique and innovative.

PDI’s portfolio at present not only showcases the talent exhibited in each and every singular project, but in the variety in the genre of projects handled, from nightclubs to beach clubs, rooftop lounges,Spanish restaurants, French bakeries, Italian high-end restaurants to discreet cafés.

We are proudly a ‘small’ boutique interior design firm, with ‘big’ ideas and big on deliverables, for it is our maneuverability merged with our experience that allows us to bolster key projects, deliver on quality service, detailed & personalized interior design briefs, and above all, a passion and labor of love we induce in every facet of our work.  This also means that we are able to be in direct and close contact with our clients at all phases of a given project, whether it is during the preliminary design stages or during the construction part, until completion and delivery.